Lelyl Onoro Berrizbeitia


I started modeling during my early 20' in Venezuela, and then stopped to pursue other professional goals.

In Dubai since 2014, I started again modeling and acting approximately one year ago.
Other citizen: Spaniard
DOB: 17/12/1969
Age: 50 yo
Civil status: Married
Languages: Spanish, English, Italian
Mother of two children
Living in Dubai since 2014

Physical details:
Weight: 56kg
Chest: 89
Hair: Grey/silver
Eyes: Brown
Pants: 42
shoes: 38.5
With my standing and unique hair stile, I perfectly fit the role of mature woman, and I have been chosen for various luxury lifestile productions. I am also very flexible, and can model and act with Arab dress.
List of jobs:
  • Alef Educational Company Campaign: Arabic and Western role
  • Marie Claire Arabia: Swarovsky testimonial, Main role
  • Maison Lutetia Dubai: testimonial,Main role
  • Autism Campaign for non profit: Commercial, Western role
  • Luxury Resort Island Western role
  • Pure Life water, Nestle, Western role
  • Planet Tax Free, Western role
  • Etisalat, Western role
  • Dubai Tourism western role
  • Dubai Ladies Club western role
RTA, Arabic role
Rainbow, Arabic role
Hyundai, Arabic role.
The Smovies -"Sofia":Finalist in a short movie contest endorsed by UAE Ministry of Climate Change and Environment
Collaborating with Middlesex University of Dubai on various student projects.
Besides my instagram account, you can reach me on whatsapp (+39 339 3770133) or call (+971 50 6540648) or via email (


United Arab Emirates



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