Interview with Anul Mundra the Leading Entrepreneur & influencer in Dubai

Entrepreneurship is a lost dream for many. However, our very own Anul Mundra stood firm through thick and thin to ensure she turns her dreams into reality. To take a peek into her journey of success, we had this business diva sit with us and have a little chat. Here’s how it turned out! 

DFM: How do you feel when you look back to the time when you started this group?

Anul. Like any other, this journey has been amazing, with stumbling rocks and some perquisites. Unlike any other, this has taken up half of my heart. Just in about a year, we have seen a count of 18k+ people as a part of our family. Being the fastest-growing group in Dubai, I take immense pride to call this initiative my own.

DFM:  What inspired you to leave a life of comfort and become an entrepreneur?

Anul.  My inspiration has always been these amazingly successful women Entrepreneurs - not one but many. I would say life is still pretty comfortable, as I am finally doing something I love! Working towards my passion always keeps me going, no matter how hard things get.

DFM: What is the role of your family in this entrepreneurship?

Anul. I have a 2-year-old always jumping at home, so you can imagine the craziness! However, having an understanding and supportive spouse is a blessing. He is always there as much as he can!

DFM: Do you have any plans to expand this business?

Anul. Expansion is definitely in the plan. We were a women’s group that has now started accepting all genders. The vision is to be across nationalities someday and expand to other countries as well.

DFM. Any suggestions for women who are interested to become Entrepreneur like you?

Anul. For all those who want to start something like this - my only suggestion is to be dedicated and committed. Do not leave any stone unturned, just have faith in yourself. No matter what anyone says, if you think you can- you will do it.

Ques. How you describe yourself as Anul Mundra?

Anul.  I describe myself as happy go lucky, ambitious, hardworking and easy to connect with. This is tough to answer but I am pretty much fine being ‘Anul Mundra’ .. (chuckles)

Ques. How Covid is the biggest opening door for social media group like yours?

Anul.  Covid has made people realize the importance of digital marketing which can help the business flourish with comfort and immense growth. Also, the entertainment services we provide people started enjoying because they were not going out much so got a fabulous response on that

Ques. You are a popular name in Dubai. How do your Indian acquaintances react to this?

Anul. My family is India is happy and proud of this. I guess they always knew I wanted to do something like this and I have a set of lovely supporting parents who are always motivating me.