The Success Story of Grand Event of Seasons Expo 2020

Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Obaid Bin Suhail Al Maktoum; this year’s Seasons Expo Dubai 2020 took place at the beautiful premises of Zabeel Ladies Club Palace, located in the heart of Dubai from the 26h till the 27th of February 2021.


Seasons Expo 2020 focused on the aspects of business growth and creativity within the fashion and beauty sectors. With a deeper look at how it represents an opportunity for business owners and projects in the fields of fashion, and beauty by giving them the opportunity to meet, exchange experiences and complete deals. The event was a celebration of creativity, self-expression, art.


The exhibition included 32 pavilions and 10 fashion shows in the 2021 edition, under the slogan Dubai: “Dubai Crossing Fashion, Art and Beauty.” During the exhibition, business visitors met with designers from the UAE, Morocco, Italy, Germany and India and were introduced to the latest fashion trends and beauty care trends. All while discussing consumer concerns and expectations. This edition represented an opportunity to open avenues for commercial cooperation and complete business deals.


Sheikh Obaid bin Suhail Al Maktoum praised the success of the exhibition, by saying: "I congratulate the organizers on the success of the Seasons Expo 2020 and its ability to attract designers and manufacturers from different cultures under one roof. We expect more in the 2022 edition of the exhibition."


Sahar Mahboobi, Creative Director of Xtasy Entertainment & PR, the organizer of the event said: "I thank everyone who contributed to the success of Seasons Expo 2020 to come out in its best form; despite the difficult conditions caused by the pandemic, which urged us to organize the exhibition to contribute in revitalizing the business sector and reducing the effects of the pandemic on merchants, retail and fashion workers, as they were affected.


Small and medium-sized companies were negatively affected and suffered a significant slowdown in growth. So we wanted to provide the opportunity for business growth by connecting industry leaders and innovators,” She added.



Many companies participated in the exhibition and a number of fashion designers presented their creative works, such as Emirati designer Fatma Forever, Moroccan designer Nour Hosni, German designer Pia Bolte, Italian designer Diana Dieppa, designers Gulnar, Bavaria, Miley, Amr Couture, and Akbar Ali Samir.


Italian designer Baravia by Gulnar since is the headliner should be mentioned first as she opens the runway.

Guest of Honor is also Mr. Antonio Rubel founder of Middle East fashion week


The show was attended by many artists, celebrities and businessmen from the UAE and the Arab world, including businessman Yaqoub Al-Ali, the artist Badriya Ahmed, the artist Awtar Al-Khaleej, the artist Nora Seif, the artist Abdullah Al-Juffali, the Egyptian singer Rico, the American singer Persiana and the designer Saeed Al-Omari. A number of jewelry designers and fine artists participated in the exhibition with their paintings, including Naseem, Mona Al Falasi, Muhammad Ata and Ekaterna.


Sheikh Obaid bin Suhail Al Maktoum, concluded the exhibition by honoring the designers, sponsors, participants and those who worked on organizing and bringing the success of the Expo 2020 Seasons, wishing them more success in the next year.



About Xtasy Entertainment & PR:


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