Pakistani Actress Zarnish Khan Announces a New beginning from Dubai

Zarnish Khan is a Top Pakistani television actress. She is known for her appearance in Urdu television serials. Khan has played a role of Alizeh in Susraal Mera for which she received Hum Award for Best Soap Actress. Later she played a role of Samra in Aye Zindagi and Iqra in Sehra Main Safar.

Zarnish Khan made sure she made a name for herself as soon as she made her way in the industry. So talented is Khan, that it took only one year and a couple of shows and she bagged an award to her name for Best Soap Actress. Khan has cut her own path and believes in being her own person, one that we are looking forward to on the other side of the screen. 

Sonal Chhibber from Dubai Fashion Magazine had a chance to catch up with the talented starlet Zarnish Khan as she spoke about her budding career and acting choices; wherein they had a candid question-answer session. So here are some rapid fire questions and answers for the viewers to read and enjoy.

DFM : Zarnish, you are a famous Pakistani television actress. Tell me about your background and journey so far? 

Zarnish : I come from a very traditional and well-knitted family, fairly conservative too. I am the youngest of my three elder siblings. A big believer in simplicity. Quite fun-loving, compassionate, and ambitious. So far, my journey has been incredible in terms of my work and personal life. I achieve what I aim for, and my family supports me, so I believe I'm blessed.

DFM : Describe yourself in real life? How different are you from your onscreen characters? 

Zarnish : I have done a few characters that reflect my personality. But most are quite different, and I have to adapt to the role's requirements. I'm not as intense and dramatic as we portray women in our dramas. I am mostly easy-going and sometimes complicated too. Overall, I am fun-loving and always look forward to adding some meaning to my life.

DFM : How did acting, television & movies happen for you? 

Zarnish : The acting was more of a destiny than a choice for me, but I couldn't be more thankful for having the chance to explore this side of me. And yes, I immensely enjoy every bit of it now.

DFM : What challenges you had to overcome to be successful in your acting career? 

Zarnish : The challenges I had to go through were more personal than professional. When I did my first project, I did it for fun. However, when I won the first award, I realized I have potential, and my fans expect more from me. My family supported my decision to continue down this path. From there onwards, I felt the urge to make my every move count. When people have expectations, you have to put in more and more effort to keep the praise bar-raising, which honestly has been fun but challenging at the same.

DFM : What has been your most challenging role to date?

Zarnish : I think my character "Zainab" in "Laaj" and "Doniya" in "Ishq Zahe Naseeb" were the most challenging ones. Both characters had elements I hadn't experienced before, and I had to do my research to fit in the role, which paid off well; I am so grateful that people admired both the characters so much.

DFM : What significant changes did you notice before and after your modeling and acting stint?

Zarnish : I can say I'm proud of the deliberate act of staying the same as I was before it all started. Worldly desires don't mean more to me than my family and friends. Everything else comes and goes. 

DFM : How do you finalize your scripts & assignments?

Zarnish : I discuss my roles with my husband and sometimes my dad and my sister, too; if they feel it has a punch and if it also clicks with my gut feeling, I take it. At some level, I also search to challenge myself and find characters that mean something to people.

DFM : You played a challenging role of a wheelchair-bound woman in Ishq Zahe Naseeb. What special preparation did you do for this role?

Zarnish : I had to study and research the mindset of a girl who has everything a person could desire, alongside beauty with brains but lost the will to live due to her physical impairment. The question was, how would I act if it happened to me? I had to put myself in that person's shoes and feel that helplessness and the bitterness that comes from that loss.

DFM : How responsible do you feel working as an influencer on a social platform & having millions of followers looking up to you?

Zarnish : Anyone who has a voice that can reach the masses needs to feel the pressure of responsibility because anything you say or do is not just your personal opinion or act. It's also the influences the people that follow you. It is a big responsibility, and one should tread very carefully. Therefore, everything I do and say needs to be put in perspective before I act on it. And yes, I try to act responsibly as much as possible, keeping my self-interest in check. 

DFM : What's your take on fashion and beauty trends? Do you love fashion events in Dubai?

Zarnish : Dubai is a fashion and new trends hub. People from all walks of life from around the world live here and share their culture. This makes Dubai a multi-culture fashion stage that enables people to experiment with their fashion style. It is a fusion of sorts, which I love about this place. 

DFM : We heard your new song Behta Darya; it was an absolute delight and quite popular amongst your fans. Should your fans expect more songs? Would you be pursuing singing?

Zarnish : I sang the song for fun as a favor to a dear friend. I had no idea that he will pitch it for the show. Once I got the call to perform it, I was quite surprised, delighted, and scared at the same time. I was worried about the fans that; how would they take it? But this whole process has given me the confidence to try another one, and therefore, I plan on pursuing singing. And very soon, my next song will be out. 

DFM : After your update about surgery, would you like to share something with your followers or any life experience?

Zarnish : My surgery was critical, and I realized that life is too short; all the things we take for granted and feel will stick around forever, won't, and neither will you. Do what needs to be done while you can and cherish the time with your loved ones. 

DFM : What are your future projects or what do you aspire to do in years to come?

Zarnish : I'm currently focusing on my singing career and another drama project that will come out soon. I'm not a person who plans the future; I admire the spontaneity of life to let it surprise me.

DFM : Any words of wisdom for our readers and those who idolize you and want to foray into acting?

Zarnish : Believe in yourself and pursue your dreams... Knocking on a door doesn't necessarily mean it will open, but there are plenty of others that surely will. So keep trying and do give up.