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Professional Fashion Designers Bahmani - Styling Company

Nasanin Bahmani - Styling Company

I am a Fashion Designer and Stylist, especially for Hijab Women. I got my degress from different institutions all over the world and have my own brand for Hijab Women! As a Stylist, I work as an Image Consultant and Personal Stylist and as a Stylist for Fashion Brands and for Events and Fotoshootin


My name is Liubov and I am the Fashion advisor  In Dubai few years, as a model did a plenty of exhibitions, commercial for magazines, ads for Schweps, for 5* hotels in Palm as Dukes, Fairmont, for Dubai and Oman tourism, attend Qatar Motor Show etc  At present time I do styli Couture / Monica Jones

NanaLola Couture / Monica Jones

NanaLola Couture is a young brand that has shown its collections around the world. NanaLola Couture has shown in New York, London, Scotland, San Francisco and the Netherlands.   NanaLola Couture has been featured in music videos and worn by television hosts. February 2019 NanaLola Couture sh Pais

Jasmine Pais

Write something about your Education, Experience and Achievements in 2-3 Paragraph  Fashion Designer,  Worked as a Fashion Designer in fashion industry and reported to the Owner and had 4 sub designers under me. As a designer I used to design all the bridal wears and supervise in the co Craft Window

The Craft Window

A former hotelier present day design evangelist who loves creating things from what you would consider trash. My passion for recycling and upcycling took shape even as a child while watching my mom recycle and upcycle sarees and garments into exquisite trousseau sets and purposeful covers and much m Fashion - Juttis and Accessories

Monark Fashion - Juttis and Accessories

We curate the handmade accessories like juttis and jewellery and bring you the very best in ethnic and contemporary fashion. Our skilled artisans and design team ensure our products are unique and have a timeless appeal. by Manisha

Designs910 by Manisha

Started in 2007 in Mumbai and now with global presence. A boutique design house where styling is a passion. ‘Be your own star’ is the motto. Our designs speak of detailed craftsmanship, a blend of moods and textures combined with flamboyance which never fail to make a statement. W


Doppelganger Design is a regional RTW womenswear fashion label, founded by 2 young fashion designers who are twin sisters born in 1995 and based in Dubai. From a younger age, they always had a passion for art in any shape or form.  At the age of 12, Raeeha and Rimishha expanded their art w Qassim

Mohamad Qassim

Iraq - Baghdadi ‏Fashion designer, ‏Excellence in Fashion Designing, Member of International Academy of Designer, Work in Circle projects Baghdad Kislaoglu Design

Simay Kislaoglu Design

Simay Kislaoglu Design Simay Kislaoglu Design is independent global wear brand. Simay kislaoglu design is the definition of timeless clothes. It offers array of feminene appealing to a modern minded woman who crave simple sophistication. We believe in quality over quantity, and clothing th