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Shirley Conlon Organics

 The Dubai-based luxury skin care brand is launching two new products which harness the benefits of date extract

London-trained cosmetologist, Shirley Conlon was inspired to start Shirley Conlon Organics when she moved to Dubai. Her normally healthy skin began to suffer, due to a combination of environmental factors, chemically loaded skincare and sun-sensitive ingredients.
Shirley Conlon Organics sources certified organic ingredients from the highest quality international suppliers, ensuring and supporting fair trade and welfare to everyone involved. The brand employs a holistic approach to beauty, delivering efficacious products for all skin types while nurturing the mind, body and soul.
In order to ensure the quality of the products, only cold pressed botanicals are used, which allows them to retain all the nutrients and vitamins needed to promote healthy skin. Shirley Conlon Organics does not use synthetic chemicals, preservatives, pesticides, GMOs, fertilisers, parabens, silicones, PEGs, TEA, DEA, colours, fragrances, petrolatum, fillers or any other controversial synthetic ingredients in its products. Committed to transparency, the company lists every ingredient on its labels and fosters an open dialogue to answer any queries from its customers.
Made in Dubai, each product is carefully formulated and crafted in Shirley Conlon Organics’ ISO accredited, GMP approved laboratory. This small batch production ensures that it has complete control of what goes into and what stays out of its products. Due to the nature of organic and wild ingredients, no two batches will be identical. Harvest and climate will result in slight differences. The company celebrates these differences.
Shirley Conlon Organics products have been tested both internationally and locally for safety and performance and are registered and comply with EU and local regulations. The products are presented in dark recyclable packaging to protect the precious ingredients from sunlight and oxidation, thus prolonging the effectiveness of each product. In keeping with its sustainable approach, the company eschews the use of outer packaging in order to minimise its environmental impact.
We spoke to Shirley Conlon, founder and owner of Shirley Conlon Organics to find out more:
How were you introduced to date palm extract and its properties?
Ever since I first came to live in the UAE, I fell in love with the date palm tree, referred to locally as the “Tree Of Life”. Apart from having a sweet tooth and my secret addiction to the fruit, I couldn’t help but fall in love with its story. Did you know the date tree dates back to 50million years, and it is only the female plant that bears the fruit? The older it gets the more fruit it gives. It reminds me of femininity and the love given by a mother to her child. It is the traditional staple food of the Bedouin diet and a super food in its complexity. Packed with nutrients, it is the food to break the fasting of Ramadan and I always knew I wanted this miraculous ingredient in my formulas. We began researching and testing it in different formulas and the feedback was just incredible.  It was also very important for us to find the right collaboration and to make sure that it was from sustainable sources.
The extract has been scientifically proven to slow down the effects of ageing, increase collagen production and protect skin cells against pollution.
What kinds of cosmetic products can date extract be added to for the best results?
Creams, lotions and serums. Mainly leave on products as it is too special for wash off products. It can be found in our Vitamin C, Date and Kakadu Face Elixir and our Eye Glow eye serum.  For the vitamin C that we use, we avoid the cheap L ascorbic acid as this is just not an effective ingredient for this climate.
Is it a challenge to find plant-derived cosmetic actives that are as effective as chemical ones?
 No I don’t believe it is challenging to find effective plant ingredients but they are more expensive and therefore most profit driven companies prefer to use cheaper chemical alternatives and often if they do use botanicals, they use them at the lowest percentage, just for the label claim. We use this ingredient at 2.5% which is the maximum recommended (and the percentage that the clinical testing was done).
Are you planning to launch a products that contain date extract under your own label?
We are planning a few new products with this extract and the first two; “Vitamin C & Date Face Elixir” and “Eye Glow Eye Serum” will be available on our website before the end of this month, with some other products in the very near future.

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