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Season Premiere of My American Family TV series Based on connecting cultures and breaking stereotype

 Beverly Hills, Ca. I arrive at the premiere of the new hit show “My American Family”. The red carpet is rolled out and the cast and crew mingling on the red carpet and it is been a year exactly since I attended an event in Los Angeles since the pandemic start-ed. As the entertainment industry is starting to slowly recover from the hard hit pan-demic it’s good to be able to see familiar faces again on the red carpet. Movieverse En-tertainment premieres the Season One of My American Family TV Series. Victor Migal-chan, director of the TV series chats with me about his latest project, “we have great feedback on our show and story. As the show runner I already started working on Sea-son 2”, says Migalchan. 

The show first aired in March 2021 but the pilot was aired the end of 2019 but since then took a year to work on and complete season one. With the pandemic slowing this down as well. “It could have been sooner since I practice a pretty mathematical (effi-cient ) way of filming , however we all saw how the world had to slow down a bit in 2020’, says Migalchan. The show is based on his own life and on others life stories. 
“My friends, people who became my American Family since I moved to the USA, they inspire me. It was about how they accepted me, coming from a different culture and being a mix of cultures; it was about our sense of humor (which was different), friendship, their families, etc. Authentic cultures inspired me. The goal was to show how unique and dif-ferent we are, to show authentic cultures, to show how we bond and unite; to show old school cultural values and emphasize on family values”, says Migalchan.
The show is a comedy/drama show almost like a Russian/ Chinese version of Coming to America meets George Lopez show. It shows life of an Eastern European Chinese Immi-grant Alex, who arrives in the USA to achieve the American Dream and encounters a culture shock when he arrives at his host family who is a hispanic family. The blending of cultures are what makes this show relatable and fun to watch.“One of the characters of the show (Alex), comes from an East European made up country, through him we show the East European Culture. The show is based on connecting different cultures”, says Migalchan. 
Oh yes, and who can forget the legendary Danny Trejo. “As one of the cast in the show  after meeting him a few times in 2016 and 2017, I learned a lot about how big is the heart of this amazing human. He works a lot, he is super humble, he helps a lot the community and those in need”, says Migalchan. “When I started writing the show in the end of 2017 I thought of Danny Trejo and Steve Jacques right away”, says Migalchan. 
“As you can see, another goal of our show is to break stereotypes. Knowing Mr Trejo from real life, I wanted to show him as a wise businessman, a mentor (for Miguel), a very kind person with a sense of humor. It is a complete opposite to how Mr Trejo is viewed in Hollywood (we all know the Machete Legend). We opened a lot in ourselves that we didn't know about and this is why we loved this journey”. The show, My Ameri-can Family Series Season One is now airing on Amazon Prime Video.

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