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Interview with Ex-Bigg Boss Contestant and famous Celebrity Dimpy Ganguly Roy!

Dimpy Ganguly Roy, is an Indian model, actress & television personality, who became a household name after her stint in Bigg Boss 8. She is well know in the Indian TV Industry and modelling world for her stunning looks and killer smile. She has participated in various reality TV shows in India such as Bigg Boss, Nach Baliye, Comedy Classes and more. The beautiful actress has been a part of many daily shows like Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna, Kahani Chandrakanta Ki, Zor Ka Jhatka, etc. to name a few. She was a Runner-up in Miss.Calcutta pageant held in 2017. She was one of the contestants of Gladrags Mega Model Manhunt 2009, a beauty contest from India. In 2014, she participated in the television reality shows Bigg Boss 8 and its spin-off Bigg Boss Halla Bol. Dimpy was a finalist of bigg boss season 8 in 2014 in spite of being a wildcard entry, and became a overnight sensation in the entertainment industry.


For the unversed, Dimpy got married to a Dubai-based businessman named Rohit Roy in 2015. The couple first embraced parenthood back in 2016 with the birth of their first child, daughter Reanna. Dimpy who has regularly shared glimpses of her happy personal life gave us a little peek of her baby boy whilst revealing his name Aryaan on Instagram. Currently, She is enjoying her role of a young, active and devoted mum to her lovely kids.

Here’s presenting a stunning diva, Bollywood Celebrity who is a fitness enthusiast, dancer, model, actor, reality artist and young mum-DIMPY GANGULY ROY. This dimpled beauty and fashionista is an inspiration for all women who seek to be fit, healthy and resilient.

Sonal Chhibber, Editor-in-chief and Content Writer of D Fashion Magazine and Dubai Fashion Magazine had a chance to catch up with the talented star as she spoke about her career choices, motherhood and future plans; wherein they had a candid interview and mini photoshoot session. So, here are some interesting questions and answers for the viewers to read and enjoy.

DFM : Dimpy, you are a famous indian model, actress & television personality. Tell me about your background and journey so far? 

Dimpy : I was born in Kolkata in a typical middle class family and the atmosphere at home was rich in Bengali tradition and culture. In our house, one entire room had thick bound books like ‘Geetobitan’ and books from authors like Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay, Michael Madhusudan Dutt etc. Even our conversations used to be peppered with Bengali quotes, phrases and idioms. As a child, I studied at Salt Lake School in Kolkata and was quite the golden girl! My school days were the best time of my life. I was part of everything in school – drama, dance, sports, music, studies, everything! In fact, in my final year, I was even given the all-rounder trophy. Though I dabbled in art and classical singing, but swimming was my passion. I was actually a National level swimming champion and a great athlete at school too. It was my passion in fitness which paved way for my future assignments in modelling and entertainment industry.


DFM : Describe yourself in real life? 

Dimpy : In real life, I’m quite a shy girl with middle class roots. I’m sportive, spirited and a survivor. I can accept failure, but I can’t accept not trying. My mantra in life has always been: If life throws lemons at me, I’ll make a darn good lemonade. And look my best while making it!

DFM : How did acting, television & movies happen for you? 

Dimpy : Right after my 10th standard, I started modelling. A distant cousin was producing an ad campaign for a garment shop and she offered me my first modelling opportunity. After that, I did a lot of modelling and was a regular face with brands like ‘Sananda’, the Aditya Birla group, Baidyanath, etc. Modelling was my first taste of the glamour world, and I was hooked! I then decided to take part in pageants, the first being ‘Sananda Tilottama’ in 2007 (the equivalent to ‘Miss Calcutta’) and made it to the top three! From thereon, my career in showbiz took off and from well-known modelling campaigns, I made my next move towards the small screen. I bagged four Bengali serials including ‘Utsaber Ratri’, ‘Tithir Atithi’ and ‘Probahiniei Shomoy’. I also took up anchoring shows live and on air, plus fashion shows too. I then landed a movie and an item number. It was a Jeet and Priyanka Trivedi starrer movie directed by Shiboproshad Mukherjee (of ‘Belasheshe’ fame). And the item dance number was in a movie called ‘Purple Haze’. Well, after this I was part of many Tv serials & reality shows as well, most popular being Bigg Boss 8 which got me instant popularity and fame.

DFM : How did you overcome the challenges in the entertainment industry to become successful?

Dimpy : I have faced all my turbulent challenges with a smile. It’s inspiring when you see it on others and it’s empowering when you see it on yourself! I have literally kept my calm in the eye of storm and with persistence & perseverance, have moved ahead and unleashed my true potential and achieved success amidst all odds.

DFM : We have seen you take part in most reality shows with zeal. How has marriage & motherhood changed your life?

Dimpy : Well marriage and motherhood has opened my eyes to an entirely new & refreshing world, a world which has taught me how to invest in true relations and believe in the power of love. Marriage and Motherhood are no less of a reality show full of adventure, romance, comic relief and drama! But, all said and done, every bit is worth it!

DFM : Last year you became mom to a cute baby boy Aryaan. You already have a small daughter Reanna. How are you preparing yourself to manage both kids specially in this challenging time?

Dimpy : Actually, ever since I became a mom of two kids, I’ve been in the lockdown situation owing to covid. So, though it has been challenging time, but it has made me prepared as I’ve accepted the new normal with ease. Honestly, I haven't thought too much about "how to manage two kids" because in my opinion it's not possible to plan. Every baby is different, different in sleep patterns, different in energies, different is nature and every day will be a different challenge altogether. My plan for now is to take one day at a time and go with the flow!

DFM : What is parenting to you? What do you do to connect with your kids better?

Dimpy: Parenting for me in simple words is, leading by example. I believe children 

never learn from idealistic teachings, they merely copy adults/ parents around them. I will never try to teach something to my child which I don't practice in real life. I make a very consious effort to practice what I preach. The most important thing for me is to connect with my kids on one to one level and spend quality time together. Away from my phone, my books, and my work engagements. Just give them undivided attention.

DFM : Are there any days you just loose your cool? How do you handle challenging situations and stress?

Dimpy : Ofcourse, I’m human after all! But, of late have learnt to calm myself and hug it out with my child quickly.

DFM : You are quite a fit mother, with flawless skin. Share some secrets of your fitness regime & skincare routine.

Dimpy: Well, I do go for my runs as and when time allows, but otherwise I try to remain as much pro active as I can. Even in pregnancy we decided on a duplex house because I felt the stairwalking will give me a daily dose of movement, even when I'm feeling sluggish. And for skin care, I have a nighttime routine, which includes cleanse, tone and moisturize before going to sleep and that's it! I guess I'm genetically blessed with a high metabolism so that really helps. Also, I love dancing and Bollywood is one on my favorite dance genres to keep fit.

DFM: Motherhood is the toughest yet most rewarding job on earth. How do you keep a balance and manage home, children, married life and professional commitments with ease?

Dimpy: It's definitely not easy, and it would not have been possible without the support of my husband. We both play our respective parts in being devoted parents, and running the house and making our marriage work. For me, my family will always be the first priority. Even in lockdown, we managed to plan a trip and travelled to scenic Maldives for a family vacation, as felt kids needed an outing and we needed some stress-free moments away from the hustle bustle of our busy lives. So, it’s important to strike the right balance even in challenging times to cherish memorable moments with loved ones.

DFM: Parenting young kids specially being an expat is not easy. So, how much support do you get from your better half to raise your lovely kids?

Dimpy : When Rohit and me decided to extend our family, we realized that we would be happier if we have clear roles defined to ourselves instead of creating confusion. So while I chose to be the Nurturer, he chose to be the Provider; so far this arrangement has worked out well for us. But nevertheless, he does chip in when needed to help me and the kids around!

DFM: How responsible do you feel working as an influencer on a social platform & having millions of followers looking up to you?

Dimpy : I feel quite responsible because anything you say or do influences the people that follow you. It is a big responsibility, and one should tread very carefully. Thus, everything I post and say needs to be thought about well before I decide to go ahead with it. If you notice, my instagram page doesn’t have much of paid endorsements or work-related pics, its mainly my family pics and my honest views and experiences regarding pregnancy, motherhood and parenting. Idea is to connect with viewers on a real level.


DFM : What's your take on fashion and beauty trends in Dubai?

Dimpy : Dubai is a fashion and beauty hub. People from all nationalities and cultures live here and wear as per their comfort level. Dubai allows people to experiment with their fashion style and emerging trends. As for me, I don’t follow too much trends, instead I wear what suits me & makes me feel comfortable and confident; specially being a nursing mother, I need to keep comfort of my baby and me as top priority while choosing my outfits.

DFM : What are your future projects or what do you aspire to do in years to come?

Dimpy : I'm currently focusing on my kids and family life. I'm not the type of a person who plans the future; I like to live in the present moment and enjoy surprises that life has to unfold!


DFM : Any words of wisdom for our readers and those who idolize you and want to foray into acting & entertainment industry?

Dimpy : I believe one should focus on education, fitness and mental health first and evaluate all options with a clear head and understanding, before making any decision. Always have a back-up plan ready. Don’t look for short-cuts to attain success, just work hard and never give up. Believe in yourself and follow your passion...keep trying and one day you will succeed!

About The Author

Sonal Chhibber is an Indian-born and Dubai-based Author, an award winning Writer, Digital Content Creator, Model, Lifestyle Blogger, Fashionista and a sassy Social Media Influencer.

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